Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Still Here!

Life has been very busy here. Lots of transitions, changes, decisions to be made. Emotions to be sorted. But it's all good! My baby is starting her senior year of HS. I've had children in school for over 20 years! Feels like only yesterday I was taking my oldest daughter to pre-school, she was holding onto to me tightly. She's still my very shy child!

Our life is still in flux. It all rides on events & decisions surrounding hubbies health & job. Just when we think that we know what's going on, it changes. He is doing very well health wise, so far. We are more then grateful! All of this affects my decisions involving my business. Yes, you read right. I'm going to do independently what I did for the organization I worked for. There have been some logistics to work out, as well as some anxiety to deal with. But I was hit with the bug again. And I'm good at what I do. So it makes the most sense financially. Plus, it will be flexible, to fit in with whatever plans we have in the future.

I can't complain about our summer; we enjoyed an absolutely wonderful time with my darling cousin from England & her hubby. This was the first time we've ever actually met in person; I have to say that it was if we'd always known each other (in person) I am blessed with the most wonderful, loving family in the world!!! Alas, most of them are in different countries. Through the wonderment of the internet & social networking, it has made it possible for us all to keep in touch.

Something that has weighed heavily on my mind: All of the blogging scammers coming to light online. I won't name any names here, but I'm sure you all know at least a couple that you've encountered. People who scam for donations, using their loved one's as bait. I'm fortunate in that I'm a cynic. Common sense was pounded into my head as a child. Any donations I've ever made to anyone online, I make sure I can verify (so far) the authenticity of the cause.

And it also saddens me that so many people are so insecure with themselves, that they blindly follow some of these bloggers. The worst are some of the Mommy bloggers. There are some truly inspiring Women who do blog; but....if it's making you feel as if you don't measure up in your own life, or making you feel inferior as a woman or Mother, this is not good. You never know what really goes on in the life of people, by what they write online. One can always be inspired; but you should never feel inferior.

And for goodness sakes, never donate money, unless you can verify, without a doubt that the circumstances are true. Maybe I'll do a post on red flags to look for. Charity towards other's is an amazing attribute to have; but the reality is that there are dishonest people out there, who do not deserve such heartfelt giving.