Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bleh, Thursday,

Life is nuts this week.  Hence my procrastination at doing my giveaway.  It involves a recipe using one of the yummy seasonings from Wildtree.  Unfortunately, my kitchen is um, being cleaned out in preparation for some renovation. My counters should be cleared to cook soon.  I've managed to strongarm  charm my hubby into helping me clear a lot of clutter out of the house.  I really think he's just getting fed up with all the creative language I use when I trip over things.

Does anyone know how to remove old stickers from mirrors?  We have a gorgeous antique armoire in our bedroom, that was in one of my daughters bedrooms, however, as kids often do, she put a sticker on the mirror, and I'm having a heck of a time removing it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Well, the Cancer roller coaster is once again doing flip flops in our stomachs.  Hubby lit up on his last PET scan, and as per the course, he needs to see another specialist.  I won't go into too much detail yet, but I can say that his lungs are clear.  That's a biggie.  After tommorrow, we'll know some more about well, some more...LOL.  Thank You dear friends, for all your well wishes and prayers!

I'm having trouble with adding widgets & HTML to my blog right now.  Thinking of switching to WordPress, but I'm kinda comfortable here at Blogger, and I think I just need to put more time into the more techy stuff.
Going to the mountains next weekend; it's peak season for color!! I get my best photos during the fall, last year I missed it. 

A wonderful old school friend has been working on my computers & network.  He worked a miracle on my old desktop, I have things I didn't back up.  In mentioning that, it was recommended to me by several people that I download Carbonite, an online backup service.  You can download the trial, and the subscription is actually quite reasonable. 

If your on Facebook, check to see if your favorite retailor is there.  They offer special promotions for their FB fans, ex: The Gap was offering up to 30% off, Vera Bradley has some amazing deals and also publishes their latest coupons. 

Lastly, if you've never heard of Reece's Rainbow, they are a non profit organization that helps facilitate international adoptions of special needs children overseas.  Especially Down Syndrome children.  Please visit them, and read their mission statement, and the stories of the beautiful babies there.  I know we have many children in this country who need families, but the situation is very dire for these children in many parts of the world, especially Eastern Europe.  Children with special needs are often put into orphanages, they are not valued as human beings.  After the age of 4, they are then institutionalized, where the quality of their lives is even worse, and many of them die from neglect.  Please take a moment, and visit RR.


Erin said...

hey girl, i've had luck using "goo gone" and a razor blade to get stickers off of glass or mirrors..... try that!

Kelly said...

Goo gone is a good suggestion. Also, try rubbing alcohol.

Justfly said...

Also just try using a hair dryer to warm up the glue, it will be easier to remove when warm.

ADB said...

Acetone should help dissolve the glue

Cathy said...

Hello mon cher. Just wanted to give you my Facebook name, which is of course my full name, which is Cathy Rapicano (smile) Come on over ;-)!/profile.php?id=100000261996153