Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In With The New, Out With The Old.

Thank you Missie :>)

Hi everyone :>)
Where is Autumn???  Today, even after quite a burst of rain, it was still degrees and muggy. And today was the day I decided to make a big family dinner for all my children.  Yes, the AC in the kitchen was running all day. 

The wee girl wanted to go to the Goodwill to find a few pieces of clothing for School Spirit Week.  We didn't find what she needed, but she did get a few cute skirts (as if she needs anymore clothes) I scored a brand new in package, Woolrich Down Blanket, Queen size in Light blue.  $20.  I paid twice that online.  I have one of these blankets on every bed; they are great all year round. And they wash very well. 

I forgot to post a photo of my new quilt set I got on eBay a little while back.  It's a stock photo of the set, if I ever get my room de-cluttered, I'll take a photo of that! Our room is pale yellow, with antique furnishings.  I bought this set for the warmer weather; I'm a wee bit addicted to buying quilts, comforters, duvets to match the season. 

And a photo of the sofa/love seat covers I bought for the furniture in the mountain house:

Tommorrow, a friend is coming to straighten out my computer problems, and install our new wireless network.  So, I have to clean my office.  Wish me luck.  If it's decent enough when I'm through, I'll take photos.  In order to do business at home, I have to re-organize everything. I noticed today, that my previously beautifully re-done 3rd floor has become hubby's ironing room ;>)  Plus of course, nobody picks up in the bathroom.  I need some space up there for inventory organization.  I also have a foyer before the stairs to the 3rd floor.  As of now, my Ball Python Snake Jade resides there, I'm moving her to my office.  It's very warm in the foyer in the summer, which is what she needs, but winter is coming.

I decided to set a good example and start downsizing aka selling a lot of things I don't or will never need.  One of the items I'm considering selling is an antique Chaise Lounge aka a fainting couch.  It's quite lovely; but, it's sitting on the third floor, where it really doesn't fit in.   There's no room in my bedroom for it.  I also have two antique parlour chairs, which have the rounded backs.  I've never liked the fabric, or the lightness of the wood on them.
I'm going to put some feelers out about the Chaise, I know it's worth a bit of money, and if I can't get a decent amount, I'll hold on to it. 

Hubby and I are having serious conversations about the amount of, um, things we have. Mostly his.  I love him dearly, but he's a bit of a hoarder.  We had to build a pole barn to hold his treasures, plus every extra storage space on the property is just FULL.  He's having a hard time. 

Since I'm going to be doing a lot of online selling, I'm trying to convince him to part with some of his treasures.  Now that he's officially retired, he's promised to work on it. 

Until next time!

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Erin said...

i just started cleaning out my office this week, and it is becoming quite a task! i have alot of sorting, selling, & throwing away to do! i feel your pain!