Saturday, September 11, 2010


What was I doing that day when it happened??

I was in what is now Hubby's office; on the computer. I had promised myself some time before that I wouldn't have the TV on all day. I was checking emails from a group I belonged too, when I saw new one's pop up; group members were asking if anyone had seen what happened in NYC.

I immediately ran in and switched on the television.

And was in shock.  I saw the second plane hit the WTC, and thought maybe I had fallen asleep, and it was a nightmare.

Tragically...not so.

The first thoughts I had after the initial shock, was for my children.  We had just moved right outside two military bases, and my first impulse was to go and pick them all up.  I called my hubby, who was at school, and honestly I can't remember when he called me back, but he told me they had been watching it in the classroom. 

After I was assured by my children's schools that all was secure, I just sat. And cried.  And was glued to the TV. 

That very morning, my oldest daughter who was signing up for the National Guard, was scheduled to be in Philly for her physical.  That was called off.  She did not pursue going into the military after that day.  I was still technically in the USAR, and wondered if I was going to be called up. 

A lot of that day is foggy; I remember my children being confused, upset and angry.  Emails started to pour in from my family overseas, wondering if we were ok.  Hubby told me he could see the smoke from his school. 

The aftermath was just terrible.  I never went to the WTC site until last month.  Yes, I was a coward, even almost 9 years later, I couldn't face going there.  I have friends who were firemen there, to this day, they suffer, one I know disabled because of that terrible day.

3 months later, I had to fly to Ireland for my Mother's funeral.  I was terrified of flying.  I remember panicking at seeing unclaimed baggage in the airports.

All my life I had heard stories from family about what it was like to live in a country where bombs, shootings, murders etc were part of their everyday life.  As much as it touched me, until 9/11, I would never know what it felt like to be that close to terrorism.  And sadly, I believe that this country was never the same after that.

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Cathy said...

Our need to do this, it's so intensely interesting - every year we go through it again - where we were, doing what, why, etc. It's a healing ritual I suppose. Anything that works.