Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Harvest Bargains!

Mmmm, Autumn!  Leaves changing colors, Halloween, Thanksgiving...I was sitting by my pool one day not too long ago, and thought that it had been such a fine summer, I wish it never ended.
But, being the Northeast/East Coast gal that I am, I love the change of seasons.  And as soon as that first hint of crisp, cool air hits in September, I'm ready to cover the pool, take down my now dying summer flower hanging baskets, and start getting excited about the upcoming Fall months.

I buy so many candles, I usually buy them by the case. (in my last post I mentioned one of my favorite candle companies) I also love Yankee Candles, but, only buy them on sale.  One of my favorite items is their room scent atomizers.  Especially the apple scents.
Anywho, Yankee Candles is having some great online sales. And also has a coupon code on their site. Here's the link to YC:
Yankee Candle  Use coupon code:   QHVNP8J for $10 off any online orders of $25 or more through 10/16  If your lucky enough to have an outlet near you, check it out, but be careful, I found some sales in the regular store, that were better then in the outlet.

I'm also a Bath & Body Works freak.  My favorite scent (and Hubby's) is Juniper Breeze.  Which they now only carry in the stores certain times of the year. Bah Humbug! They do carry it online though, and the hubs got such great deals, he bought me two huge gift bags full for my Birthday.  They always have great sales online; make sure and sign up for their email newsletters.  Bath and Body Works  coupon code: 
SEPTHX for 20% off your order, plus free shipping $50 & over. Juniper Breeze is really a warm weather scent, so I haven't picked one out for the Fall yet.  

I had a good trip to the thrift store last week; both things to sell, and to keep.  I got a lovely Coldwater Creek dress; the style is sort of along the same line as the Staci Frati Sweet Pea Layered mesh style. It was also half price, so I got it for $4.00.
Every girl should have a simple black cocktail dress, and I snagged a brand new looking Ann Taylor black cocktail sheath for Tegan.  She's so easy to buy for! I know what styles she likes, and she's around a size 3-5, so lots of nice clothing items to always be found for her!

I have some news to write about in my next post...some good, some not so good, maybe some of it will have changed by then.

Have a great night!


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