Monday, September 6, 2010

Michael Douglas

My heart sank when I read about Michael Douglas's revelations about his Throat Cancer.  And further to read about  his beautiful wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones frustration and anger in the delay of his diagnosis.

Because, you see, we've been there.

I too remember the anger at our then family Drs. dismissal of my husband's symptoms.  The almost 6 month delay in having his symptoms properly diagnosed, after hubby returned to his old family Dr., who had the good sense to immediately see that something was wrong, and gave him an immediate referral to the proper specialist.

The ENT specialist, who immediately spotted the problem, and broke the news of my hubby's cancer. But, sent my hubby to one of the best surgeon's in the country, really one of the only one's who could do the life saving surgery he needed.  And at the same time, send him to a top radiation oncologist.  And one of the best hospitals in the country, for his type of Cancer.

My hubby has Pyriform Sinus Cancer.  Yes, even as far as Cancer's go, it is a nasty bugger.  But, someone is looking out for him (and us) because all his Drs. say thus far he is a miracle case. 

Sadly, Michael Douglas is stage IV, and has a walnut size tumor (so I read) at the base of his tongue.  We know from everything we've learned & researched, and from other's who have the same type of tumor and Cancer that he does, that his outcome isn't good. 

And I truly am so very sad, for him, his wife, and his family. 

It's so ironic, that in this day and age, no matter who you are, no matter how much money you have, there are some things that just don't discriminate. You'd think, that with all the money that Michael has, all the resources, he still was not diagnosed early enough. 

My hubby initially went to the fancy pants new practice, with young, supposedly knowledgeable Drs, and they blew him off.  It was his semi retired, old country Dr, who practices in a office that would kindly be described as "quaint" where he began he finally was pointed in the right direction.  We were very fortunate (and blessed) to have the Drs & hospital, where cutting edge surgery and treatment was available. 

I can only offer well wishes to Michael, and his family, that he too, can be given the hope and blessing that my husband, myself and our family has been given. I truly empathize with his wife; I understand her frustration, anger and fears.  I now treasure the gift of every day I have my husband here with me; the love that's been renewed.  I appreciate all the little things we have together. 

It's always so difficult for me to put into words and write down how important Faith, Love and Hope were, and still are when your dealing with a struggle such as Cancer, and the terrifying possiblity of losing someone you love.  Besides everything medically, it's really what got us through, and continues to. 

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