Sunday, September 5, 2010

I'm so Sassy...

Around March 2010 I think
January 2010-You can see the puffiness in my face/neck from my meds, ack

August 2010-Chopped my hair off!

My weight loss journey has certainly had it's up & downs. Added into the mix are the meds I take, which depending on which one's I have to take & the doseage, can swell my face.

After agonizing (and I mean literally for months) I decided to take the plunge and totally revamp my hair.  I have alopecia, and have to wear hairpieces to add to my own hair, but my own hair was quite long, and I hated to cut off what I had.  Plus, hubby likes long hair ::smile::

With the encouragement of family & friends (except for hubby) and after torturing my evil twinnie Mary this summer, I decided on a bob, longer in the front, short in the back.  Color wise, It's a medium brown, with blonde streaks. Sorry, the pic isn't a great one, but I think you get the idea.


 I've gotten tons of compliments, plus I think it takes a few years off my ::cough:: age. (47 for those dying to know)
And best of all (I know I should just care what I think but...) the hubs loves it too!!

Weight loss wise, all I can say is Eh & Eh again..I'm stuck at a plateau, it's mostly my own fault.  Fitness wise, I'm doing great; I have a lot more muscle tone, despite my pain. 

The one question I have is this: Hubby lost 50 lbs, during his Cancer battle.  He previously had a huge spare tire. When he lost his weight, his stomach went flat.  No sagging, etc.  I lost my weight, and my stomach just sagged.

Not fair, right?
I'm so ready for my "Mommy Makeover"
Can't complain about the inches lost on my waist though, even if I have that gross, you know, sag.

I've bought some gorgeous new clothes this summer (all bargains of course) Dresses, sexy tees, etc
I'm never going to be a size 5 or 7 or probably a 10 again. I've got big shoulders, big boobs, and big hips.  My goal is 20 more pounds. And increased strength & fitness.  And to try to make healthy food choices.  Which I don't always do, but I've gotten much better.  I know I've come a long way, because if I make unhealthy dietary choices, I feel, well, unhealthy.  I don't eat half as much meat, I cook much healthier. 

It does help that the positive encouragement I've given to hubby has paid off.  He no longer is a "Meat & Taters Guy" Many of our friends are also very athletic and have healthier diets. 

There are some days I can barely move, but many more days when I can walk forever!  I just take it day by day. 

It's very encouraging & inspirational to read about the healthy choices & see all of the gorgeous pics in blogland that everyone shares, Thank You!


Erin said...

love the new 'do! you look great :)

Anonymous said...

I even like the puffy picture, truly.

Missie said...

I love the bob cut. I wish I could let my hair grow enough to have a bob. Happy Hump Day!