Thursday, September 16, 2010

Flowers, the Old Homestead & Candles!

I often refer to my yard & gardens as the great unclaimed wilderness.  The photo above is of my Morning Glories, which grow wild & cover one whole length of my fence facing out toward the driveway.  They also spread upwards, covering the one half of my back porch.  I adore them!  They are perennials, the only maintenance I do is to clear off the dead vines before the Winter.  They add such beauty to our ugly fence.  Hubby made the mistake of getting some weed killer on part of the vines this year, so we had a few wee bare spots.  
This is our money pit.  This photo was taken before our summer landscaping, so the front gardens are very bare. We once again have to re-paint our front porch & steps; as well as touch up the trim (which was never finished by our contractor) You can't see it in the photo, but we have an old Granny Smyth apple tree in the front, which sadly is very old & has to come down.  
Many wonderful, peaceful evenings are spent on our front porch, where I have an assortment of antique & vintage wicker.  I love wind chimes & try to add a new one every year that I take a fancy too.  
Although my bed garden flowers are still flourishing, I will start getting in mums, and hanging planters with fall flowers in them. As soon as the summer flowers wither (I hate to pull them while they still have blossoms) my fall/winter plantings will go in.
As much as I loved sitting on the porch while it was warm, I love it even more when I wrap myself up, with a cup of coffee or hot cocoa, candles lit, and converse quietly with my hubby.  (while our poor babies press their noses against the windows, lolol)

Speaking of candles, there is a fabulous candle company I've been ordering candles from for quite a few years.  I first discovered them in a shop in the Catskills, the prices were quite dear, and they were a rare purchase.  However, I looked them up online, and discovered to my delight, they not only sold to the public, but you could purchase them at wholesale prices, as long as you bought a case. In my opinion, they are every bit as wonderfully scented as the more expensive brands, and their customer service is excellent!

One of my favorite scents is Country Home. Go take a peek!  I'll be ordering a case this week; they are great to give as gifts, and pretty inexpensive one's at the wholesale prices. I hope you enjoy browsing there.

Until next time, Peace to all of you!


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Missie said...

I love Morning Glories.

I love your house! The color is perfect.

Have a good rest of your week.